Felicitations to you all as we bump along this lockdown road which is affecting us all.

From what I am hearing for those who are still working, life is much harder as more is expected even if working from home. For those who are furloughed or not working there are a variety of new challenges which are not easily mastered.

So maybe it would be good to have some focus on what we would like to be doing both now and when we are allowed to resume a sort of normal lifestyle. This will throw up a list of things but hopefully shooting will be high on that list.

The benefits of shooting are many – self-discipline, mindfulness, fitness, and social to name but a few. There are some good snippets on You Tube and the like which may be worth looking at if you have the time. I found this one interesting and very relevant, https://utu.be/UI0kFTDPr8w and I am sure you will find others that will help or stimulate thought. Sharing them via the WhatsApp group (contact Lindsay if you are not on it) would be great so others might benefit. Shaun is keeping us entertained with a fairly regular and varied quiz too, many thanks for that Shaun.

One or two members are keeping an eye on the club and I thank them for doing that. The build is still on hold at the moment but we have got extensions to our funding grants which is a relief.  There is still some water flowing on the site despite this glorious spell of weather but no longer enough to be a hindrance once we can get back to work.

The committee will be attempting a virtual meeting next Thursday evening (30th Apr), so if you have anything you would like raised or discussed please contact Lindsay or I so that it can be put on the agenda.

Wishing you all well