As Christmas is almost upon us and the New Year is just around the corner it has always been a time of reflection.

Well this year has been like looking into a broken mirror where we can hardly believe what we are seeing.  There is no need to say how difficult it has been for each of us individually, and also for the club as a whole. But with all bad or difficult situations there will always be some positives. I think in our case the big positive is how well the membership has responded to all the aspects of keeping the club functioning for shooting whenever possible. The committee has worked hard to make sure the club was fit to open as soon as restrictions were lifted following both “lockdowns”.

Likewise, the response to our new building has been magnificent with many members chipping in with their time and expertise to fit out the ranges and make them what will be a first class facility, which will take the club and the sport forward for years to come. As well as designing the ranges to meet all regulations, our members have installed 10 tonnes of steel,….. a first-class ventilation system, ….helped install the electrics which has involved around 800 meters of armoured cable, …painted 300 metres of 8ft high wall, and are at present working on the floors, ….ceiling tiling, and target walls for all 3 ranges. The input from members has saved the club thousands of pounds and we could not have done it without them.

I know also that there are a number of members who for various reasons are unable to physically help with the project but they voice their support and that in turn gives encouragement to all. It is truly a club to be proud of.

The committee and I give our best wishes to you all for this Christmas period and hope that 2021 will be somewhat better for us all.

We will possibly have to endure further restrictions in the New Year but I am sure we can overcome them in the same way as we have done in 2020.

Happy Christmas to you all