Dear Club Member

Firstly, I hope this finds you well.

We are being told that the latest variant of the Covid virus is amongst us and even more virulent than the previous ones. I must therefore urge you to take the greatest care, not only in your own surroundings, but when visiting the club in particular. As per our recent communications, please wear a mask where possible, wash your hands frequently and use the hand sanitiser when on the premises.

Following on from that, there is the possibility of limits on social gatherings in January. It is not possible to outguess where this is going, but please try to get as much shooting done before January as you can. If you are in a team and are leaving your shooting to the last date then you may find you will be letting the whole team down by not thinking ahead.

There will be no Duty Officer in the evenings between Christmas and the New Year. (that is 24th December to the 3rd January inclusive…the first duty officer in 2022 will be 4th January) The club will, as always, be available between these dates, but you will have to book in online and make sure there are a minimum of two members present, plus collect the keys as necessary.

As you are probably aware, we are going to be improving the premises further and the next phase will be the car park area and approaches to the new building. This will be started in the week following Christmas. James Bevan is the contractor and he has worked for us before. He will try not to cause too much disruption, but there may be some obstruction to our car park and the pathway whilst he cracks on.

So, having got all that out of the way, I would like to thank all those who have given so much time and effort in running the club over the past year. The committee, of course, who are always beavering away in the background, but also the membership who are so very supportive. We have come such a long way in the past year, both in terms of facilities and in the structure of the club, both of which will be taking it robustly forward into 2022 and all the challenges that may bring.

I am sure we will not overindulge over Christmas, keeping our bodies in fine fettle for shooting next year. Prone shooters find their jackets shrink when not used over Christmas. Benchrest shooters move their seats back 2 inches in January, but LSR and pistol shooters smile as they have more ballast to keep them steady!!

Wishing you all a very Jolly Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.