Following on from my update just a couple of weeks ago (It seems much longer), the situation has been changing almost daily.

The club as you know is closed and whereas we were able to travel and attend in twos or threes earlier in the month, then even this has been deemed not essential and therefore not allowed.

So I expect most of us will be at home doing jobs that we were always going to get round to!

Obviously we have some key workers amongst us and they have to keep working and we applaud them for that.

The new build is back on hold for obvious reasons. The stone is in the foundations which are now protected from further erosion and the surrounding banks have been graded to prevent further slippage there.

There is a good and active WhatsApp group which if you haven’t joined then give Lindsay your mobile phone number.

I hope you and your families are all keeping well, please let us know if you need anything that the club or club members can help you with, or if you just want to speak to a different human being!!!

Best Regards

Mike Taylor