Dear All

I apologise for this being a little later than usual but there has been a lot going on (and I did sneak in a holiday) …. Our club continues to progress well with a lot of us returning to regular shooting. You will notice that the various captains are putting the scores up for their teams. There are also forms in the club rooms for you to add your name to if you wish to enter other competitions.

As you will remember we held our AGM at the very end of October and this was well attended. Our officers, committee members and captains were elected for the coming year. The officers are much the same as there were no other candidates. There are a couple of changes to the captaincies. Special thanks are due to Ian Roach, our previous benchrest captain, who has helped develop this lively section of the club and to welcome Brian Emmerson to this position and thanks also to Shaun Forsyth who was our LSR captain and is now Vice-Captain to new Committee member, Dan Truscott. Likewise, thanks go to retiring members of the committee and a welcome to the new members who have stepped in.

As the premises have grown we have created a site manager post which has been filled by Paul Newberry and Claire Courtney-Baker, so if you have any issues with site maintenance please report it to them. And thanks go to Roger Cudmore who has shouldered that task for many years and hopefully will still be on hand to help. Claire and Paul may ask you to help with certain routine tasks that will need monitoring and logging, so please volunteer or do so willingly if asked. 

Another new post is Social Secretary and Claire Courtney-Baker has also bravely stepped in to take that on. The first event that Claire is arranging is a club Christmas social evening this coming Friday 3rd December from 7pm which is open to members, friends and family. In line with the current concerns regarding the raised levels of Covid in the area, can we please remind everyone that you are welcome to wear a mask if that makes you feel more comfortable and social distancing should be observed. We also ask that you take a Lateral Flow Test before attending the Christmas social event on Friday. Please put your name down if you would like to come and have not done so already or just contact Claire directly or post on the Pinhoe Coronavirus WhatsApp group page.Claire would also like to hear from you if you have any ideas for social events in the future.

A point to note is that the works in Langaton Lane will be coming all the way up the lane. When they get to us we will have to approach from the Pinhoe end as we will be blocked off from the Science Park end. They cannot say when this will happen but I think it won’t be long. A message will be put out as soon as we realise the road is closed.

We now have a complete ceiling to the two live ranges, thanks to a very generous donation from a club member. This has improved the acoustics enormously and although some of you have mentioned that it is cold in there, the ceiling does help keep it warmer. The reality is that we have to suck in cold air and blow it down the range for safety reasons, so I would suggest an extra layer of clothing would be sensible at this time of year. On that same note please make sure you turn both fans on before you start shooting and equally please make sure you turn both fans and the heaters OFF before you leave.

I hope that the 50m range will be finished soon ….there is a little more work to be done this week but we are almost there. Once again Robin has worked wonders with the range design and George, Paul and Peter have done the bulk of the work getting it all together. We will hopefully have a little opening event once the flags and signage are in place.

Did you go to the Range Officers Course?  …….Well you missed out on a very interesting session if you didn’t. Congratulations and thanks to Andrew Vardon, Chris Burrow and Shaun Forsyth for organising and presenting it and all those who helped oversee it on the day …. Also to Hazel who provided plenty of sustenance to keep our brains working.

If you didn’t go along there will be another course in spring next year and I would encourage you to take up the club’s offer of funding it for you. If you miss that one, you will need to pay for it yourself in the future.

Our Purple training handbook continues to grow with all sorts of useful relevant information, again thanks to Andrew for keeping that updated.

Please keep feeding information to Ian so that the website can be regularly updated. Ian has made this such a good site both for members and for those looking to join the sport. Most of our prospective new members are finding out about our club, and making contact through our website.

One final thing… If you are shooting in a team or individual competition, please get ahead of schedule with your cards as there are always unforeseen happenings at this time of year.

Enjoy your shooting