October 8th 2020

This update comes after a rather surreal AGM on 29th Sept, when everyone was in boxes and some were speaking in Dalek! However, I think it went as well as could be expected under the circumstances. If we go back, say just twenty years, we probably could never have envisaged the club doing such a thing. It would have seemed a bit ‘Sci Fi’.

So, if we project forward 20 years, what will we be thinking and doing then. If anyone has a crystal ball or has “connections” that can tell us what life will be like, please let the committee know!

However, we are doing our best to make the club ready for whatever life will be like then. Our new building will be a great space, which we will be able to adapt for whatever our future needs will be. The builders have been working flat out in the good weather and the floor is in and has been polished by space aged looking buggies that went over it for hours as it was setting to give a fantastic finish. (Unfortunately the Sunday block laying shift and the long hours on Tuesday night upset a neighbour and obviously we apologise for that.)

The Pinhoe range is coping well with those members who wish to shoot and there are plenty of time slots available at the moment. I expect that will become a little less so, as the winter competitions get into full swing. I think all members that indicated they would like to shoot have now been allocated a team… if not then please let your captain or myself know so we can sort asap.

The Fonthill range has not been open as we have not put the Covid safety system in but realise that there are a number of members who would still like to use this facility. Unfortunately, the time has come when we ask that all members now shoot on the Pinhoe site. This is because we know we have all the Covid safety measures in place. Also as the Exeter Uni students return they will continue to use Fonthill under their own safety procedures (aided by our experience at Pinhoe). As we now know there is a greater risk of Covid amongst the student population and we feel it would be prudent to let them have the site to themselves and for our other members to use the Pinhoe site which will have a lower perceived risk. I know some will not be happy having shot there for many years but the facility will be shut down soon anyway and the move will have to be made then. So let’s do it now and reduce any risks.

We are hoping to have the 10m range in operation in the early New Year and hopefully the other 2 ranges for air rifle and pistol too. They will not be used for live firing until passed safe by the NSRA examiner which should follow soon after.

So we are now going to get serious about working parties. We hope to do the donkey work for the electrician at the end of October. Constructing the steel etc for the target areas on the two live ranges will happen around then also. This will run through November and hopefully be completed with the 10m range in December. Any offers of help will be gratefully received as the more people who work on the ranges, the quicker they will become usable. Please contact Lindsay or myself, if you can offer some help around these times. More details of timings will follow shortly.

If you are shooting in a team, please shoot your cards as far in advance as you can for a variety of reasons; the main one being the way the Covid restrictions change, or the possibility of you having to socially isolate for a period.

Ian has now made it easier to book range time from the website. Booking has its own page to take you to the booking site and there are some further instructions there too. Any problems please let Lindsay or myself know and we can hopefully help you out. You can always ask for help on the Coronavirus WhatsApp group too as there will always be someone on there that knows!

Best of luck to those who are shooting and for those that are not, I wish you well and look forward to the time when we can all socialise as a club once again.