Christmas Party

You’re Invited to the Annual Club Christmas Party!

At the Club on 20th December from 7pm onwards.

Join the Festivities!

This year, our Christmas bash is open to all club members, their families, and friends. It’s going to be a night filled with fun, laughter, and a dash of competitive spirit!

What’s the Party

  • Brain-Teasing Quiz: Get ready to challenge your minds! Our quiz will cover a variety of topics, both shooting-related and beyond. Let’s see who becomes the quiz master!
  • Action Air Shooting Sessions: Ever tried Action Air? Now’s your chance! We’re hosting beginner-friendly sessions in the LSR range. It’s a perfect opportunity for newcomers to experience the thrill.
  • Raffle: Tickets available and prize donations most welcome.
  • Food & Drink Sharing: Bring along your favorite festive treats and drinks to share with others. Let’s make it a potluck of holiday flavors!


If you are planning to come then please complete the RSVP. Let’s make this Christmas party a memorable one!

As we will all be very merry, the ranges and armouries will be closed.

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Dec 20 2023




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Pinhoe Range
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Pinhoe Target Shooting Club
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