Expectations of Duty Officers - PTSC 2017

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Expectations of Duty Officers

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1. Open the club on time, de-activate the alarm & check premises.
2. Check ammunition stocks & cash float.
3. Turn on range lights, and if necessary, heaters in club room and range.
4. Welcome any visitors/new members & get them to complete the visitor's book.
5. Complete duty sheet as members arrive.
6. Collect subscription payments and forms, record on sheet and forward forms to the Treasurer via cashbox.
7. Operate the target system according to your particular shooting discipline.
8. Ensure that shooters sign & date their cards and then witness them.
9. At the end of the evening complete the daily record sheet, cash up, leave £35 float.
10. Place cash for banking with slip in a cash bag and post into box in the armoury.
11. Ensure all ammunition stocks are accounted for and tally with daily sheet.
12. Ensure all firearms are returned to the armoury.
13. Place the cashbox and record book in the armoury.
14. Ensure that the chest is locked & armoury is locked top & bottom.
15. Ensure all lights & heaters are off.
16. Secure premises, close curtains, set alarm, lock door, lock gates & return keys.
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