Having-A-Go - PTSC 2017

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If you’d like to give target shooting a go come along and meet us at the club.  It is not necessary to contact us before visiting the club.  Below you can see the club nights and the different types of shooting available.

Click the  “Find Us” link, in the visitors section, for directions.

The first time you visit the club you will be shown around but you are not allowed to shoot; if you like the club you will be able to shoot on your next visit.

It costs £20 for 3 sessions to shoot as a visitor and 15 shots of live ammunition will be supplied.

You can use the club’s equipment and if you enjoy yourself then you can apply for membership.

Once approved by the committee you will need to serve a probationary period before becoming a full club member.

Monday7.15pm20yd Light weight sport rifle & air pistol
10m Air pistol & 10m air rifle
Prone rifle
20yd Light weight sport rifle & air pistol
Friday7.00pmProne rifle
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