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News of the World Winners 2002

The Watts Blake & Bearne team was John Abrams, Gregg Hamley, Nina Williams, Debbie Mackie, Carol McKenna (Now Newman) and Robert Beard.
Gregg Hamley is next to me in both pics.  John Abrams is on the right in both pics.  Carol is on the left holding the rifle but on the right with the trophy with Nina on the left and Debbie on the right in both pics. All as you look at them.
I once went to Denwood the home range of Aberdeen as a guest of Neil Stirton and they had all the pennants of their NOW team wins apart from 2002 which I was pleased to be able to point out that we had won!
Sadly John is no longer with us and we all think of him and miss him from time to time.

Robert Beard