Pistol - PTSC 2017

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1. Fit the pistol into your hand. The mid point between your first and second knuckle should be the mid point on the front of the grip of your pistol.
2. With your arm extended in the firing position, reposition your feet so that your natural point of aim is on the target.
3. Focus on the sights - not on the target. The foresight must be exactly in the middle of the back sight and the foresight top should be level with the top of the back sight. This is more important than the exact point of aim.
4. Place your finger on the trigger correctly.
5. Breath in while bringing the pistol up.
6. Lower just below the black
7. Gently squeeze the trigger. It should almost be a surprise when the trigger releases.
8. Hope for the best.
9. Follow through. Continue to hold the gun on the target for a couple of seconds after the shot.
10. Stay positive and practice regularly.
Nijel Dudley, Giles Jackson, March 2009
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