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Range Conducting Officer Course

The Range Conducting Officer (RCO) Course provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely operate a shooting range. Participants learn about firearm safety, range operations, rules of conduct, risk management, emergency procedures and more. This course is ideal for anyone interested in becoming an RCO or for those with an RCO qualification that is due to expire.

In addition to learning how to operate a shooting range safely and responsibly, students will also receive an official NSRA certificate recognising their successful completion of the training program upon successful completion of all requirements. With an NSRA certification as an RCO, you can be sure that you and your fellow shooters are shooting as the safest level.


    Bench Rest Rifle. RCO Student, 9th Sept 2023

    The depth of the instructors knowledge and ability to articulate complex topics made the information both accessible and engaging. The practical advice and hands-on experience you provided have given me a much deeper understanding of the RCO role, and I feel more confident and prepared because of it.


      Lightweight Sporter Rifle. RCO Student, 9th Sept 2023

      I really enjoyed the comprehensive and professional delivery of the course materials. I benefited greatly and feel confident that I am able to provide a good standard of range safety. And of course this is an ongoing learning process.

      This course is operated by Pinhoe Target Shooting Club and the qualification is validated by the NSRA. You do not have to be a member of the NSRA in order to qualify as an RCO.

      The course is open to probationary and full members of Pinhoe Target Shooting Club, although probationary members will not be issued their RCO qualification until they become a full member. This course is also open to full members of other NSRA Target Shooting Clubs.

      The qualification costs £35 which includes your NSRA Training Pack and covers the cost of PTSC providing the course. The qualification is valid for 5 years.

      Being a Range Officer does not mean extra duties! It does mean having a hightened sense of awareness both on and off shooting ranges. It also means that booking a range becomes much easier since an RO in each detail is recognised as best practice by our governing body (NSRA) and our insurance company.

      These courses are great fun and very informative about many aspects of our sport. So if you are interested in taking part then book your place below:

      Hourly Schedule

      RCO Course

      09:00 - 09:30
      Welcome to Pinhoe Target Shooting Club. Introductions, paperwork and some housekeeping
      09:30 - 10:00
      Range Tour
      Tour of a shooting range from the eyes of a Range Conducting Officer
      10:00 - 10:20
      RCO Demonstration
      Managing a prone range detail from start to finish
      10:20 - 10:40
      Presentation on how you should manage a shooting range
      11:05 - 12:30
      Bench / LSR Range
      Take part in the management of either a Benchrest or LSR shooting range
      12:30 - 13:00
      Written Assessment
      In order to receive your NSRA RCO Qualification all candidates must complete a short written assessment.
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      RCO Course
      £35 per person
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      Jun 15 2024


      14:00 - 18:00




      Pinhoe Range
      Pinhoe Range
      Langaton Lane, Pinhoe, Exeter, Devon


      Pinhoe Target Shooting Club
      Pinhoe Target Shooting Club
      01392 648022
      [email protected]


      • Mark Lang
        Mark Lang
        Club Instructor

        Mark only recently started shooting after enjoying a summer of shooting air rifle in the garden. He joined the Club in 2021 and progressed to shooting live fire Prone Rifle for both fun and competition. He is a qualified Prone and Bench Rest Rifle Club Instructor as well as manager of the Club website.

      • Andrew Vardon
        Andrew Vardon
        Training Officer

        Andrew has instructed shooting at various levels over the years and is now the Training Officer at Pinhoe Target Shooting Club. Andrew is a qualified Club instructor in Air, Bench Rest, LSR and Prone Rifle.

        After shooting Prone Rifle for many years, Andrew now enjoys shooting Air Pistol and Bench Rest (Air).

      • David Pay
        David Pay
        Club Coach

        David is an experienced rifle shooter of many years, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in both small-bore rifle and pistol disciplines and full-bore rifle shooting. Instructing in Air, LSR and Prone Rifle, he is also a Club Coach

      • Dan Truscott
        Dan Truscott
        Club Instructor

        Dan enjoys Lightweight Sport Rifle shooting and instruction at Pinhoe Club, actively serving as an RCO in annual matches. Qualified as a YPS tutor and certified instructor in LWSR, Air Pistol & Rifle, Brenchest, and Prone Rifle, he’s pursuing Coach status to aid target sports athletes of all abilities. He also engages in full-bore, practical target shooting, and UKPSA Action Air events