Our shooting range is equipped with a state of the art Solar Generation and Storage System designed to power the heating, lighting and ventilation systems throughout the year.

The system generates energy when there is daylight on the solar panels, predominantly from late morning until dusk. A profile which suits our members shooting during the daytime and our busy Club evenings.

Excess power generation is used to charge the battery storage system which then discharges when consumption is higher than the solar generation or during the evenings when there is no sun. Any surplus solar energy, if there is any, is be exported to the grid.

The system was financed with a grant of £42,000 from Valencia Communities Fund and installed by Callidus.

System Specification

Victron Energy MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48 Three Phase Inverter System
Victron Energy BlueSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/100 x 3
Pylontech US5000 4.8kWh Battery system giving a total storage of 28.8kWh.
70 x Solar PV Panels, 24.15kWp

Predicted Generation is 22,000 kWh per annum.
Installed on 28/03/2023.

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