Pinhoe Target Shooting Club is working hard to become a leading Training Centre for all the key target shooting disciplines. So whether you shoot Prone, Benchrest, Lightweight Sport Rifle or Air Pistol and Rifle then we aim to please.

Upcoming Training EVENTS

Range Conducting Officer CourseRepeating Event

The Range Conducting Officer (RCO) Course provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely operate a shooting range.
15 Jun
14:00 - 18:00
Pinhoe Range
Langaton Lane, Pinhoe, Exeter, Devon
No event found!

Courses we OFFER

Range Conducting Officer

An NSRA course teaching you how to run a shooting range safely and efficiently. We run this course 3-4 times a year.

Club Instructor

Become an NSRA Club Instructor in either Prone, Benchrest, LSR or Air. These courses are run when sufficient interest is shown.

Club Coach

Graduate from your NSRA Club Instructor qualification and become an NSRA Club Coach.

Eyesight and Shooting

Understand how your eyesight plays a major part in your target shooting accuracy.

Triggers and Triggering

The seemingly simple process of pulling the trigger when taking that shot, is not as simple as it seems.

Natural Point of Aim

Stop working so hard with your aim, relax into the shot and find your natural point of aim.

Benchrest Workshop

An in depth workshop covering all aspects of Benchrest shooting at the very highest level, with renowned shooter, Trevor Eling.

Scorers Course

Learn how to score targets and cards. Your first step to becoming an NRSA scorer.

Safety Essentials

Basic target shooting safety course. This course is given as part of your journey to becoming a full member.

Our Training Team



Training Officer



Club Coach



Club Instructor (LSR)



    Bench Rest Rifle. RCO Student, 9th Sept 2023

    The depth of the instructors knowledge and ability to articulate complex topics made the information both accessible and engaging. The practical advice and hands-on experience you provided have given me a much deeper understanding of the RCO role, and I feel more confident and prepared because of it.


      Lightweight Sporter Rifle. RCO Student, 9th Sept 2023

      I really enjoyed the comprehensive and professional delivery of the course materials. I benefited greatly and feel confident that I am able to provide a good standard of range safety. And of course this is an ongoing learning process.

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