Chairman’s Report                                                           23rd May 2020 

Greetings to you all

Well I think I am right in saying we will all be changed by the happenings of the past three months. No matter what happens in the next three or six months, our outlook on life will be affected thereafter. Hopefully to some extent in a good way, as we will be able to appreciate having our “freedom” back to choose what we do and when we do it.

For certain we, as a club, will be aware of that and will take the necessary steps to get all our members back to enjoying our chosen sport and the comradeship that the club has nurtured over the years.

The most recent advice from on high is that outdoor sport can re-commence.

That then brings me to the “Good News, Bad News” scenario.

Firstly, the Good News is that Richard (our builder) has re-started on site and I have met with him and Rob (our architect) on site this week to put in place a plan and time scale for the construction to continue. Hopefully we will be able to get all the materials needed at a reasonable cost.

So the Bad News is that we will not be able to open up our outdoor range just yet. Obviously during the daytime there will be workers and machinery on site with heavy lorries turning up at times. Also the ground is not as smooth as we would like and there could be a risk of ricochets if a stone or piece of discarded metal were hit. Unlikely…but we cannot take that risk. So I am going to ask you to be patient for a little longer.

I will keep you posted on this situation.

The University in particular, will be pleased to know that we have been able to ensure our continuation at the Fonthill site and have brought the poor condition of the premises to the attention of the council yet again. They have agreed that there are problems and have taken the responsibility of deterioration off our shoulders.

I can see that a number of you are looking after yourselves well and I have been pleased to bump into various members out and about exercising whilst walking Tinker! Even Chris B has found that his legs still work!!

The committee is still beavering away at a variety of things behind the scenes as always. Please keep an eye on the website as Ian is posting things regularly. Many thanks Ian. If you have anything that you think should go on the website, then please contact Ian or Lindsay who will pass it on. It would be good perhaps to have some “memories” from our older members and photos are always welcome.  

The committee will be having a virtual meeting next Thursday so please let Lindsay or I know if there is anything you wish to have discussed.

I would suggest you now start cleaning your muskets, as I am sure we will be able to use them sooner rather than later.

All best wishes