Founding Club

Exeter Rifle Club is one of the founding clubs which merged into Pinhoe Target Shooting Club. You will find a strong heritage of original members still running though the veins of the this club.

The Exeter Club was based at Clifton Hill Range.


The Exeter Rifle Club was formed as the Exeter Central Rifle Club in 1925 following a meeting of the Exeter Rifle League where a suggestion was made to form a ‘super’ club to provide a team to represent Exeter in National competitions. “The new club would not cross the path of the existing clubs or alter their arrangements”

The club shot at the military range at Higher Barracks between 1928 and 1981.

The club enjoyed considerable success in the County and National Competitions.

The range at Clifton Hill was made by joining two army huts to form a 25 yard 5 firing point range and club room.