Pinhoe Target shooting Club was formally called Pinhoe Home Guard Rifle Club and was formed like many clubs in the 1940’s

The first range was in the old Pinhoe Brick Works quarry at the south end below Harrington Lane. A footpath bordered the southern edge and had to be ‘policed’ during shooting activities. A red flag was raised at the the Harrington Lane end to indicate when the range was active.

From that location the club moved to an indoor range that was located off Station Road nearer to Gipsy Hill. Opposite Vincent’s Farm was an Old Manor House which later became an elementary School. Beyond that was an old barn which became the first indoor range.

From that the Club moved to the Old Community Hall ( or Nissan hut ). The site of the ‘Old Community Hall’ in Pinn Lane, below the railway station was also occupied by the 1st Pinhoe Scout Group. Bovis Homes purchased the land to build the Monkerton estate and so bought two plots of land on Langaton Lane to where the Rifle Club and Scout Group were relocated in 1991-2