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Torfaen Rifle Club Open Shoot

Course of Fire

This will be an ISSF 60 shot course at 50 metres shot on Electronic Targets. Each detail will be 65 minutes duration (15 minutes Preparation and Sighters + 50 minutes match), plus 10 minutes for changing details. Please be ready 10 minutes before your detail.


Class X 98.4 and above
Class A 97.0 to 98.3
Class B 95.5 to 96.9
Class C 94.0 to 95.4
Class D 93.9 and below
Averages should be calculated as NATIONAL Class or from the best 10 of the last 12 officially scored cards. The committee reserves the right to promote anyone they consider to be incorrectly classified.

Detail Times

Squad A 09:00 – 10:05
Squad B 10:15 – 11:20
Squad C 11:30 – 12:35
Squad D 13:00 – 14:05
Squad E 14:15 – 15:20
Squad F 15:30 – 16:35

No finals. Veterans – over 60 on the day of the shoot. Juniors – Under 21 on 31/12/2024.

Competitions / Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to third place in each class. A pair’s competition will be run concurrently with the main competition, split into two classes (“Open” & “B, C & D”). There will be a concurrent “Open” Club Team of 3 competition; free this 40th Year.

Prizes will be awarded for first and second places for the Pairs, Teams Ladies, Veterans and Junior Events.

The presentation of prizes will take place as soon as possible after the end of the last detail. In addition a prize will be awarded on completion of each detail to the top score for that detail.


A selection of snacks along with tea and coffee will be available for purchase in the clubroom.
The firing points are fully covered but be prepared for wet weather.
Toilet facilities are provided off the clubroom.


The meeting will be run under NSRA rules unless otherwise stated. The range committee will settle any disputes and their decision will be final. There will be no equipment check.

The range committee reserve the right to reclassify any competitor whose declared average appears to be incorrect.

Ties will be decided by X’s then count-back (ten shots at a time) As ISSF rules.

Challenges to scores will be considered on payment of £10.00. This will be refunded if the challenge is upheld. No challenges will be accepted more than ten minutes after the final scores are posted after the last detail on the Sunday.

You are reminded that you are responsible for the security and safety of your equipment and firearm at all times. Rifles should be kept locked in the boot of your car when not in use. Neither Torfaen Rifle Club nor Long Ashton Rifle Club will accept liability for the loss or damage to any competitor or visitors property during their visit to the range.

Breech flags must be in place or bolts must be removed from actions at all times other than when in the shooting position on the firing point. The action should only be closed when the rifle is in the shoulder in the shooting position regardless of loading technique.


Download and complete the entry form, which must be received before Monday 1st April 2024.


Apr 07 2024


09:00 - 16:35


Long Ashton
Long Ashton
BS48 1NJ


Torfaen Smallbore Rifle Club
Torfaen Smallbore Rifle Club