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Tuesday 27th October 2020 should see the start of the members working on the internal fit out of the new range building. We have the 2 end walls of the 25 metres ranges steel walls to build, electric cables to lay and work to prepare the 10 metre air gun range. All helpers welcome, bring your own tools and equipment, high visibility jacket and hard hat. Everyone working does so at their own risk.


We had our first day in the new building yesterday and marked out in chalk where the ranges will be, the electric sockets where possible and started planning the target walls. Drilled and plugged the holes ready for the electrical sockets. The builders need to make more progress to make the building watertight. More bricklayers should be on site today! Hopefully by Saturday we can start to fit the steel to the target wall. The 10 metre range firing point is now being designed and built. Drums of armoured cable and boxes of sockets arrived. Thanks to all who came!

Second update 02/11/2020

We had a good session yesterday at the club and got the armoury door from Fonthill along with some other cupboards and stuff and shipped them out to Pinhoe with Chris Burrow kindly borrowing a tail lift van with some pallet movers.

At Pinhoe we improved the access path that the builders had destroyed and had become a mud bath and cut and drilled all the 4 x 2 timbers for the steel plate end range walls and drilled and fixed them to the wall. The steel plates have all been drilled ready to put up and just need the holes to be countersunk.

Thanks to Chris, Mike, Debbie, Nijel, Brian, Shaun, Pete, Patrick and George for a good day’s work. Robert

Third update 03/11/2020

We did another good days work on the range today and finished drilling the holes in the range steel backplates, countersunk them all and then drilled the back wall and fitted 2 1500mm wide steel plates and 3 1200mm wide steel plates to the back of one of the 25yds/25m ranges – see pic attached. Great efforts by Mike, Pete, Paul New, Brian Cox and yours truly. The drills and impact drivers have been getting a good beating! So that’s one range back wall ready for spot welding. The bricklayers are working on but the electrician who came today had to leave again as the builders had not finished the wall where the distribution unit is going and the underground pipe for the cables, whilst laid, has not been connected at each end! He will be back on Thursday.We can’t presently get the remaining steel to the back of the other range wall as there are piles of blocks, waiting to be laid all in the way.We have a 200m roll of armoured cable to lift over the purlins around the periphery of 2 25m ranges and drag loops down to feed the 13 amp sockets which have already been marked on the walls, drilled and plugged ready for fixing.We are chasing behind builders hard who have slipped about 3 weeks behind again!