Results – Pinhoe Bench Rest Challenge 2023

The results for the inaugural Pinhoe Bench Rest Challenge are in as follows:


CompetitionPositionName & ClubScore
Mens1stTony Clay (Pinhoe)400+9
2ndEric Robinson (Budleigh Farm)398+11
Ladies1stSharon Hill (Pinhoe)391+5
Veteran1stPaul Newbery (Pinhoe)396+8
Junior1stFreddie Arnold (Budleigh Farm)392+8
Speed Shoot1stEric Robinson (Budleigh Farm)99+4


CompetitionPositionName & ClubScore
Mens1stMati Chorozak (Pinhoe)394+7
2ndAndrew Vardon (Pinhoe)388+3
Ladies1stSheila Found (Bideford)388+3
Veteran1stAndrew Vardon (Pinhoe)391+8
Junior1stMati Chorozak (Budleigh Farm)394+7
Speed Shoot1stSheila Found (Bideford)98+1

The full results can be downloaded as a PDF here.