Stolen rifles – watch out

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Information received from a shooting notice board.

A member of my club has had his two Grunig and Elmiger rifles (and much shooting equipment) stolen from his car in a well lit car park, with CCTV, and only a short distance from his office. It was an opportunistic theft of whatever happened to be in the car, which was simply smashed into. The thieves can have had no knowledge of what lay inside and profitably disposing of heavy, single shot target rifles with no paperwork will be almost impossible; even  violent criminals would not be much interested in them. So they will probably end up in a river or the sea, alas. A scope was also stolen, which is more likely to turn up for sale somewhere, but I don’t know the make. The rifles etc. were insured, thankfully.

A warning to us all, and a disaster – I hope only temporary – for the owner, an excellent shot.