Bunny Shoot Results 2023

Prone Results April 2023 Prone1st Card2nd Card3rd CardTotalPositionRapidPositionRAGLindsay Agates545142nd11stPeter Hobbs533111st8Mike Taylor9652010Robin Batten10782512Paul Batten1266247Mike Lemon654153rd20TAG Rob White1821165510Paul Noakes141510397Debbie Mackie11141641Andrew Phillips14116313rd13Tim Thornton10208386          3rdLouis Norman1586292nd (1st Junior)3           2ndJim Newton6910251st10Lewis Wilson16149392nd Junior8George Oliver181910473rd Junior12Joshua Prout15111036BOBTAILCaspar Marszalek221613511st23Ralphie Grainger2219255819Mark…

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Wincanton Cup

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The annual shoot between Devon and Cornwall took place on the 14th May 2022 at the Garka Range near St. Austell. The winning Devon team consisted of Lindsay Agates, Mike…

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